First of all, i would like to greet u all a happy brand new year..
Times really fly...
Yesterday was the last day of 2008...
i reflected back every thingy i did n encounter this year..
i wonder had i obtain my goals for 2008..did i complete my schedule plan for 2008..hmm...i give myself 60%..
i have nothing to regret of...and give my sincere thanks for my merciful, loving God..
For all the blessings, grace and guidance...at least i still a breathing man here..hehe
no disaster, catastrophe or upheaval fell onto me and my family...what else can be so blessed than safety...^_^

Back to 31 December 2008..
i must say it was an excited, fun, tiring and tedious day..
There were plenty of events held in different places,especially all the pubs, clubs, and shopping mall... as for me, woo..activities from morning till midnite 2am.. jump to night time~~~~wee~~~
After attending the church thanksgiving dinner, i went to meet crystal..watch the karaoke singing competition...i found out that Bintulu actually gt many talented singers...i mean it..really geng..impressive...
Next next...we went to "biggest" shopping mall in Bintulu (probably 1/10 area of midvalley..haha..kelian)..it was so crowded here since 7pm...we hang around the boutique n food court..(hmm..wat i realized here was Bintulu actually gt many lenglui..hahaha..XD)..NO BAD! PROUD OF BTU!..haha
Manage to meet a lot of secondary friends n cousins..waa.. miss u guys le...
anyway..the funniest part came when there left 10sec b4 1.1.09,
all the people's eyes aimed on the balloons which were placed on the nets above in the center of the mall..there was a lucky "catch" event...inside the balloons were the money, empty ppr and free hand phone brochure...
10..9..8...7...6...5..4...3...2...1...Woo!!!! HapPy New Year!!..
AARGHH...people squeeze here and there...the situation is messy..all the people hoped to grab as much as balloons which fall down on that moment... haha..as for me.. gt nthg in the end..juz stood on main position with chai..STOP PUSHING ME!!! DISCIPLINE PLS!!!THAT BALLOON IS MINE!!!...
hahaha...blalalala...soon we went to the level 4 car park balcony to watch the firework performance..hmm...i juz hoped the person stood beside me is my gf ..not stephen and chai..hahhaa..jkjk..nice...
before we headed bak to home, we try 2 find ourselves a nice place to yamcha 2gthr with barbara,beverly and 5s4 ppl.. woo..everthough it was ord 12.30am.. but all the pubs,cafes,and restaurant were fulled of people...(i juz stop here la..stop crapping)..anyway i hv fun...
i juz hope this year will be an excellent and wonderful year for all of us.. God bless us.. specially greet my friends who study abroad a happy cow year!! rejoice!!

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