woo...Christmas is coming soon...Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way!!
recently i received christmas cards from my dear piglet members..thx u very much^_^!!
now only left Yeong Her, Tzyy ren...will post a blog bout the cards soon..
Besides that, i also received some gifts from my fellowship and friend in hometown..
hahaha..not some expensive stuffs but i find them quite interesting..

AS u can see...there are one original christmas cd package(with one angel key chain), one crystal christmas tree, some cute marshmallow, candies, and two boxes of tissue papers!!.hahaha..

i love these marshmallow..So cute..i wonder who bought them for me..i decide to keep it without eating ..haha..XD

Mum home make delicious tang yuan!!!!..colorful and pretty rite

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Gap to cross over

Hmm...tonight i would share some topic about communication...
Many of the times we felt that there is a broad gap between us and some people
..it can be the senior adult, parents, siblings, friends n so forth.. The gap which we find it's barely able to conquer and cross over..
Soon we may feel it's not big deal..after all it may be just a piddling matter to care of..what for we do anything to revamp the issue..what i learn from the past...the effect can be devastating and lead to more social problem..which we actually know deep inside our heart...
As for me...i must admit that my friends are closer to me compared with my family..
The only family member whom i will share my big and small is my mother...no need to mention my dad and bros...there is less than hundred sentences we talk in one year... cham ma..hahaha...so i start to think of the situation i may probably encounter in future...no doubt..it would be a sad and lonely scene to picture...TT
Flash back...i remember an famous author(施以诺)mentioned b4 in his book...

(type with chinese words..easier to understand)


挥杆时有时要轻些,有时要重些, 讲究的是“巧”, 而不是靠蛮力!沟通要拿捏适当的语气,不要一味只想靠fierce, 靠冲,靠气势。。在口上取胜,说话温婉一些,巧妙一些,将使你的社交更无往不利。

一场高尔夫球赛下来可能得花上半天的时间在球场上待着,沟通何尝不是如此? 特别是劝化人,听人心事,开导人时。需要你的耐心!让别人花点时间和空间咀嚼你的话,不要期望他人立刻明白或对你的言语表态,认同。

i think if we acquire these communication skills or attitude... we may discover that after all a step to interact with one person doesn't seem as difficult as it thought...Yet i find out that one more thing we lack of is the courage to make the first move...勇气!!maybe as time passing by, we will realize and learn from experience...or we may feel regret for not fixing this gaps..without knowing what is the consequences..

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Christ + Celebration = Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, it can be seen that Christmas tree and beautiful ornaments are decorated all over the streets, stores, and houses. It is a joyous and warm season for Western countries people..
Yet does everyone know what is the true reason we celebrate Christmas annually on 25th December.? As for the atheists, it’s nothing more but the hectic season when the Santa Claus and his eves are busily fabricated the toys which the good children hope for in the letters and try to add to the gaiety of the celebration by granting all their wishes. Or it is the wonderful gala moment for family gathering around the table to indulge the scrumptious turkey meal.
Since past few years, the word “Christmas” is slowly subverted by the term “Xmas” either in the greeting cards or email cards where “Christ” had been taking out of “Christmas”. Some Christian may grouse that Jesus our lord has been censored out of his own “birthday” and decry the use of the abbreviation "Xmas" as some kind of blasphemy against Christ and Christianity.
This misunderstanding and fear mongering about the use of "Xmas" is not a new phenomenon.. I myself as a Christian understand their sensitivity who worry about the perception Xmas may give for those unbelievers. To be honest, I never thought of the meaning of Xmas and also don’t know why was Xmas. It can be Amas, Omas or ever Emas. So I decide to “google” it.

It is what the article written:

“Abbreviations used as Christian symbols have a long history in the church. The letters of the word "Christ" in Greek, the language in which the New Testament was written, or various titles for Jesus early became symbols of Christ and Christianity. For example, the first two letters of the word Christ (cristosV, or as it would be written in older manuscripts, CRISTOS) are the Greek letters chi (c or C) and rho (r or R). These letters were used in the early church to create the chi-rho monogram (see Chrismons), a symbol that by the fourth century became part of the official battle standard of the emperor Constantine.
Another example is the symbol of the fish, one of the earliest symbols of Christians that has been found scratched on the walls of the catacombs of Rome. It likely originated from using the first letter of several titles of Jesus (Jesus Christ Son of God Savior). When combined these initial letters together spelled the Greek word for fish (icquV, ichthus).
The exact origin of the single letter X for Christ cannot be pinpointed with certainty. Some claim that it began in the first century AD along with the other symbols, but evidence is lacking. Others think that it came into widespread use by the thirteenth century along with many other abbreviations and symbols for Christianity and various Christian ideas that were popular in the Middle Ages. However, again, the evidence is sparse.”

In this beautiful season, I hope to remind all of you that Christmas is the day when we celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus in Bethlehem who “humbled himself in obedience to God and died a criminal’s death on a cross”. We all are sinner and our bodies only become perfect when accept Jesus as our Savior. So from now on, hope u guys have a better understanding of the celebration.(^_^)
Here I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas DaY!!

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夜深了 想累了

猜不透 會不會
聽見了嗎 右手心的孤單

慢慢的 回憶著

天亮了 醒悟了

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Self communion (Back again)

Hallo, it has been quite a long time for me to write something in this webpage. I wonder how all of you doing? Miss all the kl friends..Hope u guys have the wonderful holidays with family and friends. Apparently I had been enjoyed and suffered from my holidays. Well, the parts I’m enjoying so much were the time I hanging around with intimate friends, traveling within this beautiful country, and best part of it is no more fxxking annoying alarm ring tone waking me up in the early morning, which means I have unrestrained privilege at home and can just sleep like a dead man in the sweet and cozy air conditioned bedroom. About the terrible parts of it I don’t wish to have further elaboration- gone deeply into “debt”, realize that my hometown really is a boring place to live at (no much entertainment provided), need to help my family business ever during holidays, and undoubtedly again here comes my mother nagging for all the big or small matters everyday. Even though I had almost completed all my holiday schedules, I still find there is a missing part. Hmm…is my holiday going to end meaninglessly in this way?

As it is too free to do anything in my hometown, I start to spend some times in reading and meditation. Some questions surfaced as I tucked in my bed. What my future’s going to be? Am I choosing the right path? What really is the God’s will? Questions plague me and some of my friends. I can’t figure out what is correct and definite answer. No signs or sound from God answering my prayers yet. However I believe faithfulness is the only attitude that I need to cling to. I remembered one article written that disappointments and hopeless feeling can be holy moments when we are stepping outside our own reality and embrace God’s. Somehow, he entices us to broader horizon, the fuller hope and calls us to hope in more that we see now, and to believe. It’s all a matter of time.

Now when I’m standing at my balcony and looking at the sunset, I feel extremely relieve with less grumbling, complaining but more heart of thanksgiving. After all, I’m blessed. ^_^ (time for dinner)

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Piglets Members~

WAnt To introduce my new "family members" =猪猪仔之音乐家

死猪,Emo Pig/小花, 笨猪/小不点, 傻猪, 黑猪/小黄

i don't know what this "Piglet"call..so just name her 美死猪temporarily..XD

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Here is the easy experiment u can try or just simply imagine it. Now what u need are one powerful electric fan, a piece of white A4 paper,and a net. Then hold the paper tightly with both hands and face it to the electric fan. Switch on the fan and adjust the power to the highest. Guess what may happen to the paper...Undoubtedly it will be torn... 破掉 Next repeat the experiment by replacing the paper with a net with constant variable or condition. Everthough both paper and net is blown by the same wind power, the net will probably just wave in the air and will never torn.

The difference between the paper and the net, is nothing more but, 白纸硬生生地接下了每一个冲击在它身上的空气粒子,而网子却让大部分的空气粒子穿拂而过,所以白纸容易因声破裂,而网子却安然无恙。



(hope this article will make u learn to forgive, forget and forever happy)
(adapted from 心灵小点心3)

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Holidays=Free=Hang Around=Spend Money= Mee Goreng

woo~woo~woo~Finally the day i hd been longing for--> 3NOVEMBER..arrive..
haha...temporarily get rid of the lecturer's nagging, hectic coursework and
With the end of the final exams of this semester, the subject that inadvertently cropped up among our(me, piglets family) online conversation almost every day was what we planned to do the day after...Undoubtedly as normal teenagers like us..shopping complex n ktv will always be the main destination...

3nov~~Venue: Nandos in Subang Parade and Sunway Piramid
Well, we're having our lunch here...nthg much to say bout it...in fact..my purpose of this trip was to do some survey about the prices of YAMAHA accoustic guitar..coz plan to buy new one...(ps: if anyone gt any idea whr can buy it at the reasonable price..pls tell me) At night, i took the rickety mini bus to sunway piramid to do some groceries shopping and bought some new shirts... haiz.. i'm too free now...Do what next?

4nov~~ Venue: KLCC (kinokuniya)
Woke up early in the morning..after a quick, invigorating bath..MAy, Emo PIG and me followed shi zhu's 小白to kelana jaya stesen and went to klcc by LRT... it was lucky for shi zhu who did not adhere to traffic regulations being issued summonses..but no pro at all...i trust his driving skill ..i dun ever wear safety belts when he drive...it substantiates the fact of he is the pro driver..so far so good...^^

...at around10.40am, we reached the destination...n then helped to Emo PIG to find the POS office to deliver a important document to her Sister's client..haiz..first time i saw ppl that feel very nervous when sending a item...haha...so funny... furthermore..it's her first time to use ATM CARD to withdraw cash =.=""...i must say "WOO~~"..but NVM la.. like wat the books which we read in the bookshop say "everyone will have his or her first time to do smthg"...understand..haha..

Soon., we strolled into a food court inside KLCC for our mid-morning breakfast...the food here is fine and undoubtedly expensive a little compared to other places.. After that we proceeded to our main destination (Kinokuniya) to read some books... i was kinda proud that they still came to bookshop after final exam yesterday..haha.. really hardworking bookworms..

Sitting in an inconspicuous corner of the shop, we spend some own sweet time reading the novels, comics, motivation materials.... but within 1hours...our passion gone and decide to go the park nearby...this is so called 五分钟热度...hahaha...However 天不作美..it's raining cat and dog outside..=,="" spoil my plan...WAT CAN WE DO NOW..HAIZ...after some window shopping, once again..we headed back to the food court to order some snacks (PIzza and drinks) while waiting the rain to stop...Fortunately, i brought one set of pocket card along... we spent our time by playing blackjack, chong dai di, and 七级猪...initially it's quite fun Ting Dong Ting Dong...But when Time's passing by..ZZzzz..we all started to get bored and sleepy..around 5.30pm....we decided to go back home...

OMG!!!Why so many passengers in LRT stesen..damn crowded...waited will dead lo..
after one and half hours, we finally arrive at kelana jaya...

Not again!!! we were forced to stuck in the rush hour traffic jam after office hours...Losing patient...our car moving like snails...it is one phenomena in KL which i hated most... ACCOMPANY with Jay CHou's songs on the road...i finally reached my lovely house at 8.30pm...by the time i m tired and grateful for a night's rest.

(because of the uncontrolled spending of my savings in BANk during this few months...i will have to eat mee goreng as my dinner...kelian...i only gt one solution.. that is to go sleep so i wont feel hungry)

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To the end of October~*

It's had been quite a while not updating my blog..
hmm..wat can do...October is a month full of assignment deadline n exams..
Hectic last minute preparations for the exams have deprived me of my favourite pastime~~especially those outdoor activities..
examination can really be hazardous to one's health...(lost 2kg diao) After all the cramming of the "sleeping pills(notes)" , i really need to unwind and relax.
anyway i'm glad that i manage make it through...n most importantly finals doesn't seem as hard as i heard b4...hahaha..^v^..

31october- first day of my final exams~~~ hmm...the subject tested is Microeconomics
haiz..i must say i a bit disappointing with my performance.. dun hv
confident to gt A anymore..after the ppr finished(5pm to 7pm),we (me,tzyy
ren, may, yeong her, wilson,kk, shixian) went to ss2 to celebrate the
end of their semester. Why do i mention "their" coz i still gt one more
mundane art ppr on next monday(3nov)!! Yet nthg is more important than
having fun..put studies aside first..hohoho..
^_^..after dinner..we proceeded to One Utama for midnite movie...
(My Best Friend's Girl)~~ if u need smthg to remedy ur boredom,sadness..
i highly recommend this movie...it's damn hilarious...OKOK..Next! Around
1.30pm, they (piglets family) still did't want to go back home after
movie...Dun noe why they r so energetic...haiz..真的败给你们..
Hence i suggested that we went to buki jalil park to see night scene..
Seeing the familiar old bench on the park which facing the Bukit Jalil
Stadium had made me feel quite nostalgia..miss the old days~*
Time is 3.10AM now...Just when i thought i finally can went bak for a good night's sleep...they told me "Hey let go to Klang to eat Bak kuk Teh!".. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?..Crazy!?!?..(for ur information..from bukit jalil to klang takes about 1 hour)...Everthough we did make up our mind to go Klang, tzyy ren and KK sesat jalan and took us to perlabuhan Klang...n in the end we eat none of the pork teh but the 3 hours drive in the highway road...waste the petrol..haiz..Kelian.. Actually all these i only heard from tzyy ren coz i ord slept like a dead man in the car...hahaha..too exhausted.. i really curious what they have done to me when i fell asleep...T^T..Finally i reached home at 5.30AM...OKAY..pls let me hv a nice sleep.. ZZzzzz....

1 Nov 2008- This saturday, my youth fellowship had held an farewell party at Yuan Sheng Steamboat Restaurant for those members who are going to leave EMMCF to further their studies or go back to their hometown.

I'd been asked by my friend Zhen Han(the organizer)to help him to gather up the people. Around 35 to 45 people came..WOO!!.. We hv fun n enjoy ourselves very much..had indulged many delightfully delicious seafood, chicken wings, n variety of foods..Yummy!!..Once more the scene of "Fighting For Chicken Wings" is in the show again...SUPER FUNNY!!!If anyone who had been to that place, they ll know how is the situation..Hahaha.. Then come the must of every happy event... Photo Shoot!!

Here i would like to greet all these friends(Apek tung, Ah qiang,edwin, ling fong, Kido, kathleen, Crystal,James, Eik Ying n...)a sincere Goodbye and wish u guys a happy life whenever u are..in the presence of God's Blessings, Guide and Love.

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One song can spark a moment;
One flower can wave a dream;
One tree can start a forest;
One smile can welcome a friendship;
One star can guide a ship of sea;
One candle can wipes out darkness;
One step can start a journey;
One word can start a prayer;
One hand scalp can lift a soul;
One life can make a difference;
and one choice can decide a destiny

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Tagged by johnson

1] Have you ever slept in the same bed with someone you liked? Hmm..Yup..But Do nthg
2] Do you still talk to the person you fell the hardest for?Yeah.. apparently.
3] Where was the first kiss you had with the last person you kissed? In a resort park
4] Who is your last text from and what does it say?From Purple Star. Ask me to belanja her makan^_^
5] Burger King or Wendy's?Wendy`s
6] Latest you stayed up in the past week? 4++a.m
7] Where are you right now?At home.
8] Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? Yea..Quite A few..
9] What were you doing at 9:30 last night? Watch movie
10] Are you listening to music right now? Exactly
11] Was it a boy or a girl to text you first today? A girl(xiao fang)
12] What is the 7th text in your inbox say and from who? From the same person i mention above. About meeting in wangsa maju.
13] Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? Nvr think about it. Already very cool..haha
14] How long can you go without your phone? Hmm..is like u asking me to live without my gf or wife..u tell me the answer..
15] Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Sieu Xian
16] Who last called you babe/baby? i barely remember..
17] Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?No...
18] Do you know anyone who's married and shouldn't be?No...
19] If your ex said they hate you, you say: i know u hate me because u love me so much...^_^..i'm sorry...
20] Do you curse in front of your parents? Nope
21] What is your current annoyance? Exams and my own capabilities
22] Last time you saw fireworks? oo...31 August(Malaysia Independent Day)
23] Who did you last lay in bed with? My Brother=,=
24] Are you afraid of roller coasters? Ohhh..Come on..No Way
27] Who pissed you off yesterday? Hmm..Nobody..
28] At what age do you plan to be married? 25 to 30
29] Where is your mom right now? i gt no idea..probably dating outside with my dad..
30] What are you supposed to be doing right now? Study eco
31] Are you slowly drifting away from someone? Hmm..i guess so
32] When was the last time you felt unbearably guilty? Last Saturday
33] Are you bored? A bit
34] What girls/guys can you tell everything to? Not hypocritical but trustworthy,sincerity and always there to support me.
35] The last person you talked to on AIM/MSN? Jeffery,Crystal, Xin yu, Kathleen, Ah lun, Yeong her, Tzyy ren
36] Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a N? Too bad..No..XD
37] Can you play guitar hero? hahaha..ya..Woo
38] Do you prefer warm or cold weather? no cOMment..malaysia weather is fine with me
40] Three days in a hotel or NFL game tickets? OF coz..hotel lo..i not fond of NFL
42] Would you rather watch football or baseball? Football
43] Where is your number one person on your friends list? At her condo
44] What's your ringtone? Er Zhou Jun
45] Three things you did yesterday? Studying, Chatting, Yam Cha, Online..nthg special
46] Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed? Nope
47] A friend walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go? Depend on the situation..a good friend i ll nvr let him or her go..
48] Do you ever waste too much time on a someone that treats you bad? In fAct..YesT^T
50] Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms? Yea..felt so comfortable..
51] What are you doing tonight? as usual..studying, chatting, watch movie
52] Do you know anyone who is pregnant? Yeah..
53] Do you still talk to the person you last kissed? As if now..seldom..
54] Does anyone hate you? not sure..but i hope not..sry aa..Friends..if i being bad, proud n hurt u guys indirectly...forgive me..^_^
55] Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Yes
56] Do you want a small or big wedding? To be honest..big wedding..coz i wan to give my future wife the wonderful n sweet wedding(once only in life).. n i myself gt a lot of relatives n friendsXD
57] Who was the last girl you talked to? Sieu Xian
58] Who was the last guy you talked to? My brother

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Friday Lunch...

Hmm..actually recently i gt nthg much to write in blog ..yet since yeong her request me to write smthg bout the event we went for on last fri..here u go...^_^

yesterday(8 October) i being invited by my friend(crystal)to become her guest for her hospitality course practice..which mean i gt free lunch on that day...however as she's still short of three more person..so i had to find three lucky ppl to accompany..after calling and searching..finally they came to tzyy ren,yeong her and shi xian...

Appetizer...Caramel^^ (4gt wat this dish call)

Ahhhhh...Open Big Big mouth..eat slowly la.."Piglet"

Need to say sorry coz dun noe u guys cant eat beef...luckily i brought some pizza with me..^_^ hope u enjoy my homemade pizza..

Main Course..Roasted Beef witH mUFFIN cake!!! Taste Wonderful! Yummy! but juz a bit to hard to bite..

Well..as we r late for the appointment time for lunch, so we ended up as the last customers in the restaurant..quite embarrasing..when all the waiter and waitress clearing up the mess, arranging bak the table and chairs..only one table in the middle (which is urs..hahaha)..SRY..Crystal..i dun mean to be late..^.^...without eating the dessert..we quickly Broooommmmm ...left the place .. anyway, i hv a great time with u guys...and sry to tzyy ren..i 4gt to let u try the pizza ..haha..tooo rush...

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woo..everything start so unusual from this morning..
when I's on my way to college..encounter a fierce rockweller..WT*.. my heart nearly cAmE out when it barked and trying to run after me..(i think maybe it's a female dog la..hahaha..XD)..luckily gt a rope tying around its neck..Aghh...i wonder wat is in its owner mind.. put that huge "killer" near the path whr ppl usually walking by... then more bad thing happen to me....(T^T)
my eco test only gt 19.5% out of 25%..which can be considered as "idiot" in my class..
Moreover, i juz realized that being tipu by the guy in ss15 Digi centre to subscribe digi postpaid..(lazy to talk in detailed).. now i'd informed that my num ll be deactivated if no further payment is given(walao!!still owe rm150++!!!)..WT*..i pay rm50 every month n still gt so much to handle...haiz..pokai...
at nite..when i worked, i accidentally break some bowls...more importantly is that the total amount of money in the cashier is short of rm50!!(the place i in charge of).. Same thing happen last week aso..lost rm5(although it's small money).. Trust me..i'm qualified and pass the math exams...that's not way i can make the stupid mistaken of giving extra money to customers...So coincidence..On THAt moment, the music played in Pizza Hut is "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter...HAIZ..... now i need to replace the lost in order to balance the account of the shop... i ever lost my samsung earphone n charger...C*B**..who is that stealer?!!..

%#!^#^!$%@%!&^@&$!^*#@&!*@^!*$!&(#@...i really wan to scream out!!!

Breath..hmm...calm down..now..in this moment..when i refer bak wat i wrote on my recent blog and mediate on God's words...my anxious and frustration feelings are gone..i realized that maybe God hv thy own plan for me... i should be happy that i'm the one who encounter these troubles (not u, he or she)yet still find my way bak to God... If it's turned out to be someone who in the similar circumstance as i'm.. Things might hv become totally different.. somehow i felt that thr must be smthg that God want me to learn~~~could these be the precious experience that change my life completely in particular way or Thy is trying to test my weak n oscillating human nature behavior(attempt to steal)...or it can be aso a punishment for me as the sinner..
In the end, i couldnt find an exact answer or explanation for it but i' m so glad n joyful that i only face the mere incident...not severe illness, death, roped, raped, and i'd the perfect health condition to be employ to work...not the handicap, abnormal body growth...And furthermore i really appreciate that i'm not the one who lost their family and friends and live in the impoverished and war country... and can hv the opportunities to receive high education, kao lui(haha),live a comfortable life ...What else can be so blessing than all these i hv...^_^.. Slowly...my heart is full of passion and joy...After all, it shows that everyone can find the reasons to give thanks to God everthough they're in uphill struggle n terrible situation...

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Recently i read a book which is given to me by Shi yin as the gift..
One article i found quite interesting n can be used as the guideline 4 us in our life..
(For my friend who can read chinese..too bad..i lazy to translate into eng)



注意过吗?每一天里上帝都会替你安排一些小小的surprise, 在要出去时雨停了;sometimes被老板,师长给垮赞一下。。。or someone u love talk to u...如果你常常细心数算这些令人快乐的小事,喔!你将会觉得值自己真的很幸福!!!


this article really help me a lot either in spiritual or emotional way... let us now give thanks for all the blessing that Lord granted us...Remember these three tips which may lead u to an unexpected happiness...^_^..
Nitez...i go sleep first...

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~Pizza Hut~

During this Raya Holidays,Jacky and i took the advantage ..then went to seek for employment of par timer in various restaurants...well, i dun know why we search in so many places and fill up plenty of application forms... we end up with many calls from the shop's proprietor yet we rejected most of them due to inconvenient working hours.. jacky still go to his position in Subway...
And for me... i hv been hired and work for Mac D(one month ord), Pizza Hut...(not that i gt urgent financial problem...i juz work for fun... gain extra knowledge and experience which i thought to be useful for my future career~food science) furthermore...i gt interview in Star Buck this week...XD..
Here share my experience in Pizza Hut...
well..this is my second day ord.. i must say that's nthg much for me to do instead of serving customers, clean the tables and dishes, chit chatting with my partner, managers, play handphone, take pictures, drink the free carbonated drink, mushroom soup, pizza, salad and ever ice cream(as long as dun let the manager see..haha)...hey..u think i being lazy..No!No!No! it's really free...there are fewer customers... n today i sat thr for 2 hours and do nthg after i clean up all the mess in the upper floor...then u can c wat i do during that moment...see below..

~The place i take charge~

Gyaboo!!!Pizza Ingredients!!!

First thing to learn "greet with Smile"

Fail...i say smile..not act cool..

Better..but macam terpaksa

Aaaa..that's the one..Cheese!!

keep refill my drink..

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