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1] Have you ever slept in the same bed with someone you liked? Hmm..Yup..But Do nthg
2] Do you still talk to the person you fell the hardest for?Yeah.. apparently.
3] Where was the first kiss you had with the last person you kissed? In a resort park
4] Who is your last text from and what does it say?From Purple Star. Ask me to belanja her makan^_^
5] Burger King or Wendy's?Wendy`s
6] Latest you stayed up in the past week? 4++a.m
7] Where are you right now?At home.
8] Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? Yea..Quite A few..
9] What were you doing at 9:30 last night? Watch movie
10] Are you listening to music right now? Exactly
11] Was it a boy or a girl to text you first today? A girl(xiao fang)
12] What is the 7th text in your inbox say and from who? From the same person i mention above. About meeting in wangsa maju.
13] Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? Nvr think about it. Already very cool..haha
14] How long can you go without your phone? Hmm..is like u asking me to live without my gf or wife..u tell me the answer..
15] Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Sieu Xian
16] Who last called you babe/baby? i barely remember..
17] Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?No...
18] Do you know anyone who's married and shouldn't be?No...
19] If your ex said they hate you, you say: i know u hate me because u love me so much...^_^..i'm sorry...
20] Do you curse in front of your parents? Nope
21] What is your current annoyance? Exams and my own capabilities
22] Last time you saw fireworks? oo...31 August(Malaysia Independent Day)
23] Who did you last lay in bed with? My Brother=,=
24] Are you afraid of roller coasters? Ohhh..Come on..No Way
27] Who pissed you off yesterday? Hmm..Nobody..
28] At what age do you plan to be married? 25 to 30
29] Where is your mom right now? i gt no idea..probably dating outside with my dad..
30] What are you supposed to be doing right now? Study eco
31] Are you slowly drifting away from someone? Hmm..i guess so
32] When was the last time you felt unbearably guilty? Last Saturday
33] Are you bored? A bit
34] What girls/guys can you tell everything to? Not hypocritical but trustworthy,sincerity and always there to support me.
35] The last person you talked to on AIM/MSN? Jeffery,Crystal, Xin yu, Kathleen, Ah lun, Yeong her, Tzyy ren
36] Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a N? Too bad..No..XD
37] Can you play guitar hero? hahaha..ya..Woo
38] Do you prefer warm or cold weather? no cOMment..malaysia weather is fine with me
40] Three days in a hotel or NFL game tickets? OF coz..hotel lo..i not fond of NFL
42] Would you rather watch football or baseball? Football
43] Where is your number one person on your friends list? At her condo
44] What's your ringtone? Er Zhou Jun
45] Three things you did yesterday? Studying, Chatting, Yam Cha, Online..nthg special
46] Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed? Nope
47] A friend walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go? Depend on the situation..a good friend i ll nvr let him or her go..
48] Do you ever waste too much time on a someone that treats you bad? In fAct..YesT^T
50] Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms? Yea..felt so comfortable..
51] What are you doing tonight? as usual..studying, chatting, watch movie
52] Do you know anyone who is pregnant? Yeah..
53] Do you still talk to the person you last kissed? As if now..seldom..
54] Does anyone hate you? not sure..but i hope not..sry aa..Friends..if i being bad, proud n hurt u guys indirectly...forgive me..^_^
55] Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Yes
56] Do you want a small or big wedding? To be honest..big wedding..coz i wan to give my future wife the wonderful n sweet wedding(once only in life).. n i myself gt a lot of relatives n friendsXD
57] Who was the last girl you talked to? Sieu Xian
58] Who was the last guy you talked to? My brother

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