Friday Lunch...

Hmm..actually recently i gt nthg much to write in blog ..yet since yeong her request me to write smthg bout the event we went for on last u go...^_^

yesterday(8 October) i being invited by my friend(crystal)to become her guest for her hospitality course practice..which mean i gt free lunch on that day...however as she's still short of three more i had to find three lucky ppl to accompany..after calling and searching..finally they came to tzyy ren,yeong her and shi xian...

Appetizer...Caramel^^ (4gt wat this dish call)

Ahhhhh...Open Big Big slowly la.."Piglet"

Need to say sorry coz dun noe u guys cant eat beef...luckily i brought some pizza with me..^_^ hope u enjoy my homemade pizza..

Main Course..Roasted Beef witH mUFFIN cake!!! Taste Wonderful! Yummy! but juz a bit to hard to bite.. we r late for the appointment time for lunch, so we ended up as the last customers in the restaurant..quite embarrasing..when all the waiter and waitress clearing up the mess, arranging bak the table and chairs..only one table in the middle (which is urs..hahaha)..SRY..Crystal..i dun mean to be late..^.^...without eating the dessert..we quickly Broooommmmm ...left the place .. anyway, i hv a great time with u guys...and sry to tzyy ren..i 4gt to let u try the pizza ..haha..tooo rush...

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- wen 531 - said...

th background is so familiar ! =p

Jun said...

haha..exactly..used to be ur "classroom"... hahaha..