Gap to cross over

Hmm...tonight i would share some topic about communication...
Many of the times we felt that there is a broad gap between us and some people can be the senior adult, parents, siblings, friends n so forth.. The gap which we find it's barely able to conquer and cross over..
Soon we may feel it's not big deal..after all it may be just a piddling matter to care of..what for we do anything to revamp the issue..what i learn from the past...the effect can be devastating and lead to more social problem..which we actually know deep inside our heart...
As for me...i must admit that my friends are closer to me compared with my family..
The only family member whom i will share my big and small is my need to mention my dad and bros...there is less than hundred sentences we talk in one year... cham i start to think of the situation i may probably encounter in would be a sad and lonely scene to picture...TT
Flash back...i remember an famous author(施以诺)mentioned b4 in his book...

(type with chinese words..easier to understand)


挥杆时有时要轻些,有时要重些, 讲究的是“巧”, 而不是靠蛮力!沟通要拿捏适当的语气,不要一味只想靠fierce, 靠冲,靠气势。。在口上取胜,说话温婉一些,巧妙一些,将使你的社交更无往不利。

一场高尔夫球赛下来可能得花上半天的时间在球场上待着,沟通何尝不是如此? 特别是劝化人,听人心事,开导人时。需要你的耐心!让别人花点时间和空间咀嚼你的话,不要期望他人立刻明白或对你的言语表态,认同。

i think if we acquire these communication skills or attitude... we may discover that after all a step to interact with one person doesn't seem as difficult as it thought...Yet i find out that one more thing we lack of is the courage to make the first move...勇气!!maybe as time passing by, we will realize and learn from experience...or we may feel regret for not fixing this gaps..without knowing what is the consequences..

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