Holidays=Free=Hang Around=Spend Money= Mee Goreng

woo~woo~woo~Finally the day i hd been longing for--> 3NOVEMBER..arrive..
haha...temporarily get rid of the lecturer's nagging, hectic coursework and
With the end of the final exams of this semester, the subject that inadvertently cropped up among our(me, piglets family) online conversation almost every day was what we planned to do the day after...Undoubtedly as normal teenagers like complex n ktv will always be the main destination...

3nov~~Venue: Nandos in Subang Parade and Sunway Piramid
Well, we're having our lunch here...nthg much to say bout purpose of this trip was to do some survey about the prices of YAMAHA accoustic guitar..coz plan to buy new one...(ps: if anyone gt any idea whr can buy it at the reasonable price..pls tell me) At night, i took the rickety mini bus to sunway piramid to do some groceries shopping and bought some new shirts... haiz.. i'm too free now...Do what next?

4nov~~ Venue: KLCC (kinokuniya)
Woke up early in the morning..after a quick, invigorating bath..MAy, Emo PIG and me followed shi zhu's 小白to kelana jaya stesen and went to klcc by LRT... it was lucky for shi zhu who did not adhere to traffic regulations being issued summonses..but no pro at all...i trust his driving skill ..i dun ever wear safety belts when he substantiates the fact of he is the pro far so good...^^

 around10.40am, we reached the destination...n then helped to Emo PIG to find the POS office to deliver a important document to her Sister's client..haiz..first time i saw ppl that feel very nervous when sending a funny...'s her first time to use ATM CARD to withdraw cash =.=""...i must say "WOO~~"..but NVM la.. like wat the books which we read in the bookshop say "everyone will have his or her first time to do smthg"...understand..haha..

Soon., we strolled into a food court inside KLCC for our mid-morning breakfast...the food here is fine and undoubtedly expensive a little compared to other places.. After that we proceeded to our main destination (Kinokuniya) to read some books... i was kinda proud that they still came to bookshop after final exam yesterday..haha.. really hardworking bookworms..

Sitting in an inconspicuous corner of the shop, we spend some own sweet time reading the novels, comics, motivation materials.... but within 1hours...our passion gone and decide to go the park nearby...this is so called 五分钟热度...hahaha...However 天不作美's raining cat and dog outside..=,="" spoil my plan...WAT CAN WE DO NOW..HAIZ...after some window shopping, once again..we headed back to the food court to order some snacks (PIzza and drinks) while waiting the rain to stop...Fortunately, i brought one set of pocket card along... we spent our time by playing blackjack, chong dai di, and 七级猪...initially it's quite fun Ting Dong Ting Dong...But when Time's passing by..ZZzzz..we all started to get bored and sleepy..around 5.30pm....we decided to go back home...

OMG!!!Why so many passengers in LRT stesen..damn crowded...waited will dead lo..
after one and half hours, we finally arrive at kelana jaya...

Not again!!! we were forced to stuck in the rush hour traffic jam after office hours...Losing patient...our car moving like is one phenomena in KL which i hated most... ACCOMPANY with Jay CHou's songs on the road...i finally reached my lovely house at the time i m tired and grateful for a night's rest.

(because of the uncontrolled spending of my savings in BANk during this few months...i will have to eat mee goreng as my dinner...kelian...i only gt one solution.. that is to go sleep so i wont feel hungry)

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