To the end of October~*

It's had been quite a while not updating my blog..
hmm..wat can do...October is a month full of assignment deadline n exams..
Hectic last minute preparations for the exams have deprived me of my favourite pastime~~especially those outdoor activities..
examination can really be hazardous to one's health...(lost 2kg diao) After all the cramming of the "sleeping pills(notes)" , i really need to unwind and relax.
anyway i'm glad that i manage make it through...n most importantly finals doesn't seem as hard as i heard b4...hahaha..^v^..

31october- first day of my final exams~~~ hmm...the subject tested is Microeconomics
haiz..i must say i a bit disappointing with my performance.. dun hv
confident to gt A anymore..after the ppr finished(5pm to 7pm),we (me,tzyy
ren, may, yeong her, wilson,kk, shixian) went to ss2 to celebrate the
end of their semester. Why do i mention "their" coz i still gt one more
mundane art ppr on next monday(3nov)!! Yet nthg is more important than
having fun..put studies aside first..hohoho..
^_^..after dinner..we proceeded to One Utama for midnite movie...
(My Best Friend's Girl)~~ if u need smthg to remedy ur boredom,sadness..
i highly recommend this's damn hilarious...OKOK..Next! Around
1.30pm, they (piglets family) still did't want to go back home after
movie...Dun noe why they r so energetic...haiz..真的败给你们..
Hence i suggested that we went to buki jalil park to see night scene..
Seeing the familiar old bench on the park which facing the Bukit Jalil
Stadium had made me feel quite nostalgia..miss the old days~*
Time is 3.10AM now...Just when i thought i finally can went bak for a good night's sleep...they told me "Hey let go to Klang to eat Bak kuk Teh!".. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?..Crazy!?!?..(for ur information..from bukit jalil to klang takes about 1 hour)...Everthough we did make up our mind to go Klang, tzyy ren and KK sesat jalan and took us to perlabuhan Klang...n in the end we eat none of the pork teh but the 3 hours drive in the highway road...waste the petrol..haiz..Kelian.. Actually all these i only heard from tzyy ren coz i ord slept like a dead man in the car...hahaha..too exhausted.. i really curious what they have done to me when i fell asleep...T^T..Finally i reached home at 5.30AM...OKAY..pls let me hv a nice sleep.. ZZzzzz....

1 Nov 2008- This saturday, my youth fellowship had held an farewell party at Yuan Sheng Steamboat Restaurant for those members who are going to leave EMMCF to further their studies or go back to their hometown.

I'd been asked by my friend Zhen Han(the organizer)to help him to gather up the people. Around 35 to 45 people came..WOO!!.. We hv fun n enjoy ourselves very much..had indulged many delightfully delicious seafood, chicken wings, n variety of foods..Yummy!!..Once more the scene of "Fighting For Chicken Wings" is in the show again...SUPER FUNNY!!!If anyone who had been to that place, they ll know how is the situation..Hahaha.. Then come the must of every happy event... Photo Shoot!!

Here i would like to greet all these friends(Apek tung, Ah qiang,edwin, ling fong, Kido, kathleen, Crystal,James, Eik Ying n...)a sincere Goodbye and wish u guys a happy life whenever u the presence of God's Blessings, Guide and Love.

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