~Pizza Hut~

During this Raya Holidays,Jacky and i took the advantage ..then went to seek for employment of par timer in various restaurants...well, i dun know why we search in so many places and fill up plenty of application forms... we end up with many calls from the shop's proprietor yet we rejected most of them due to inconvenient working hours.. jacky still go to his position in Subway...
And for me... i hv been hired and work for Mac D(one month ord), Pizza Hut...(not that i gt urgent financial problem...i juz work for fun... gain extra knowledge and experience which i thought to be useful for my future career~food science) furthermore...i gt interview in Star Buck this week...XD..
Here share my experience in Pizza Hut...
well..this is my second day ord.. i must say that's nthg much for me to do instead of serving customers, clean the tables and dishes, chit chatting with my partner, managers, play handphone, take pictures, drink the free carbonated drink, mushroom soup, pizza, salad and ever ice cream(as long as dun let the manager see..haha)...hey..u think i being lazy..No!No!No! it's really free...there are fewer customers... n today i sat thr for 2 hours and do nthg after i clean up all the mess in the upper floor...then u can c wat i do during that moment...see below..

~The place i take charge~

Gyaboo!!!Pizza Ingredients!!!

First thing to learn "greet with Smile"

Fail...i say smile..not act cool..

Better..but macam terpaksa

Aaaa..that's the one..Cheese!!

keep refill my drink..

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