Awana Genting Trip (29-31 August 08)

Tucked away in the suburbs of bentong is Genting HIghland. Depart from the ss15, Subang Jaya at 1.30pm, i and batch of church members reached Awana Genting after 1 and half hours as there dun hv traffic congestion problem..^_^..nasib baik.. But we could feel the goose-pimples on our arms when the vans went zig-zagging along the winding road.. and the odour of exhausted types due constant brakes on the steep roads up to genting highland really bad to smell.. The resort nestles amidst green fields and rolling hills and is set in cosy and charming surroundings. This place is undoubtedly and idyllic retreat for vacationer, especially those who live in the city areas and constantly breath in "fresh carbon- compound air" .. Cough~~..
After registering ourselves in the counter, we went separately to our own for me(room 17560) roomates r timothy, Bi lun, Ming Hui.. i am so glad that our room hv the perfect view of genting highland n the scenery outside is breathtaking...COOL~~.. soon we call out each other and start to explore the hotel surroundings without ever taking a nap..

stable without a horse..suppose to go for a horse riding..TT

Well, wat we saw outside are the creative playground, the golf field, garden that plants different kinds of trees and flowers and a stable without horse(whr we plan to go for horse riding..haiz..maybe too cold here..they went to sleep)... we found out that the indoor games stadium is just located next to the hotel towers.. and one thing that is great about it is we're not need to pay for the sport equipments n rental of the place for any games except for archery and rock climbing. Here gt tennis, badminton, ping pong, and SQUASH!!... Btw..inside the hotel compunds gt large swimming pool, beautiful pool with koi, games station, pubs, clubs, korean, japanese restaurant and spa.........

(borrow your photo..^_^..shin ying)

Around 5.30pm..we decided to go back to our room to hv a shower as the dinner is at 6.30pm and my stomachs started making rumbling noises. Hmm..Cant Wait!!..Let's Go for the Buffet!!.. we had dinner in the hotel's cosy dining area(Restaurant Rajawali)..There are plenty kinds of foods, drinks, and deserts prepared for us to eat..The aroma of freshly-cooked food- rendang, chicken, vegetables, pubbings, cakes, and so forth..too many for me to enough to whet one's appetite.
same for the Breakfast, lunch and dinner of the next few days..but i'm very disappointed with the lunch of next day..Sucked!!!..Eat sotong, some animal intestines, noodles...nasi lemak..

On 29 August 2008, it's my friend Ke Jie's birthday!!...Of coz there is a HORRIBLE birthday celebration waiting for her.. OO..i am so stupid!! (u may wonder i said so..u find out later).. Our "planner" Li hua ask us to bungkus the cakes n pubbings that left over during the dinner and after we finish our camp function at 10pm.... he gathered us out in the lobby and headed us to the swimming pool where the birthday celebration..(we lost due to his lousy guide to thr=,="") ACTUALLY THE DAY BEFORE IS AMY and My Birthday(28 aug), so he said celebrate together with ke jie..hehehe.. then after blowing off the candles and makes the wishes, we took the pic near the swimming pool area.. (When we suppose to throw the cakes onto ke jie n throw her into the swimming pool)..who know..juz after ke jie was thrown into the pool, i suddenly felt a strong pull behind me...AHHHHHH!!!!... SHSHSHHHH!!!...too late to respond ..i ord in the water..TT.. my new clothes, jeans and shoes all wet..luckily i passed my hp n wallet to my friend before tat.. then The war began..we chasing each other and throw the cakes to each others.....huhhuhuhuhu..Errr...WOO..So cold!!..when the wind blew.. (u guys imagine the temperature in Genting highland).. soon..i felt a bit sick that nite...haha...
(amy, kathleen n my cake)
(group pic b4 i being thrown into swimming pool..the criminal is the one stand on my right)
( cold..i look so pathetic..TT..)
Anyway, i manage to recover the day basically our activities for next few days are juz have fun in genting highland, playing sports, swimming in the morning n afternoon.. at night after camp function, we usually would gather in ones room chit chatting, playing card(truth or dare, 21blackjack), play guitar,and sang together...hmm..very hApPy!!
I really like the atmosphere of the hotel at night, the whole area is illuminated by bright and colourful lights giving the whole place a fiesta-like atmosphere. The night before our camp ended(31aug -Hari Merdeka).. we manage to see the fire works set by Genting Highland from our room...then can hear the band in the pub downstairs singing "Jalur Gemilang".. n there was thunderous applause from the guest... i guessed our celebrations of Independent Day got off to a dazzling start with a different way from usual...

(fireworks in genting highland took from my room balcony..quite nice..)
As it was only once in a blue moon that i could imitate the lifestyle of the rich and famous, we (ah qiang, amy, alan, chan sheng, me and my roomates) strolled into the coffee lounge where we were entertained to music and songs by a band(called Free Band) this moment, wat appear to be our topics of conversation are ghost stories and horror's funny to see the reaction of Amy and bi lun when i shared my story...haha..'s 2.30am.. we paid the bill and went back to own room to it's wat happen in my trip genting highland.. Goodnight lo...i switch off the light lo..Sweet dream..God bless u guys...Friendship 4ever..~^_^~

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