Inti Moon cake Festival

Inti Moon Cake Festival organized by CCS got off to a spectacular start around 7pm at the basketball court and Inti car parking. Yet I heard Yan Huoy said that there are only few “cats” walking around at the beginning…haiz… kelian… Anyway the whole area is illuminated by bright lantern lights giving the whole place a fiesta-like atmosphere. Soon this usually deserted part of the college is turned into a hive of activity. The students sort out and arrange their wares, foods and drinks on their booths. The stalls are strung out in a short line only, where we have booth that sold spaghetti, nice chocolate “peanut candy stick” (I don’t know what it call), cheese hot dogs, carbonated drinks and so forth. Enough to whet my appetite…Of course games booth like Ps3, Xbox 360 stalls, water gun shot are something that cannot be missed. But among all booths, I guess henna booth was the one which received most attention. Later, we (all the people in the scene) had a lantern walk around the school compound. It’s short but memorable…AUP!!!AUP!!! Well, basically this is a charity event… all funds collected will be donated to some organization. I did do my part as a concerned citizen and spend rm10…I’m not being stingy ok… just nothing for me to purchase… I pity Xiao Tian who is one of the committees that in charged of the tickets yet it found that the amount of tickets sold were not equal to the amount of tickets produced. Hope U can settle the problem. Ok lo...write until here…Test’s coming…After an invigorating bath, I needed to cram the Eco notes... Good Night and have a sweet dream…


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