Most of my friends will probably ask where had i been for last two weeks.. absent in the exams..didn't online..well..the answer is i being admit to hospital because of low platelet level in blood, high fever, and intense headache.. all these must be due to the "kisses" by the bastard infected mosquitoes at night when i'm asleep..
i began my trip to SJMC(Subang Jaya Medical Center) when the report of blood testing show that my amount of platelet to 90x10^9 vl..which normal people is around 150 to 400..hereby i would to give my most sincerely gratefulness to Tzyy ren (my private driver) and Esther (my lovely nurse)..haha..really appreciate..^^..n of coz..my dearest auntie n uncle who take good care of me..

well..from 11 to 19september..wat had i been done in hospital everyday is quite the same..nthg much despite of eat, sleep, watch tv, try to build up the relationship with the nurses XD...hey..hey..i juz being friendly and socialized ..

okok..daily routine...stayed in the claustrophobic air-conditioned room for a week without going anywhr further from my room..
every few hours there will be nurses came into my room to check my blood pressure n body temperature..i would say they really hardworking.. they ever visit me at midnite when i oi oi.. at first, i was shocked when i felt someone touched my hand in the midst of sleepiness ..=,=""..HEY..woke me up b4 u "attack" me ma..i will give full cooperation wan..XD
one embarrassing event happened to me in hospital is when the nurse tried to bathe me.. AHHHHHHH..#$#%^%&%&*!@##%...dun touch me!!! (dun wan to mention the story behind TT...but i dun blame them coz i HAVEN'T take shower for FOUR DAYS due to inconvenience of the syringes injected on my hand..I twitched in pain as the syringes struck my vessel.. when it's done...I felt endlessly relieved. Hope I would have to go through this kind of ordeal again)

anyway..SJMC can be considered as "Five Star Hotel" ..here gt 24 hours nurse caring, astro, automatic comfortable sleeping bad,and 6 meals per day!!(Soups, entrees, accompaniments, condiments, dessert all served well together..Hok Chak!!
the condition is really different from what i had seen in Tv..

at the end..i want to share something..while in the hospital, i witnessed people dying, suffering from the illness, struggle between the line of death n life.. yet there is also reflection of good sides of human nature behavior...


blood coming out!!nurse!!

gt astro to watch^^

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