1 September

Hello, it's my first time to blog. ^_^..So let me begin with a simply introduction of myself
I am Edison Lu Seng Chuin(卢成俊)..Born on 28 august 1989 in Bintulu..which means i 19 years old.. Now doing my degree (Food science and nutrition) in Inti College Subang Jaya...
My Property: Err..i'm not born in the lap of luxury.. probably just like most of the people live a
normal but interesting life..try to survive in this selfish n competitive era by struggling to earn money, savings, and lower the rate of rising inflation which concerns all of us...haiz..Blame the inflationary spiral in the country..anyway i am thankful for all i currently owe and i believe God's blessing is more than enough everyday.

My Personal Relationships: I am definitely not an antisocial person. Like to make friends,
regardless of colour or creed. Available or not...hmm..No.. haha.. Already gt someone that is special to me..bling bling.. haha..but who care..XD.. as long as i m not gay..i think u guys ll be relief..^^

My Hobbies: Basketball, Surfing internet, Play Musical Instruments(guitar..n i wan to learn
drum n piano), Cooking, Dance, Singing...n so forth. Btw,I m a captivating story teller..haha..(good in lyingXD..jkjk) i wont say i a man of talents...but surely not a dull person.

My Personalities: i find out this part is the most difficult part to write.. all depend on how people
judge me.. i guess i m friendly, kind,.....okokok...i think i better stop "praising" me in case u guys curse me n shout out F words..haahahhaha...
that's all.. next time i try to narrate in simple, startightforward manner.. hmm.. share my feeling of writing my first blog.. it's like writting an essay..the only different is nobody can gv u the rank of the works..XD.. tata..

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