My 2008 Birthday..\(^0^)/

28/08/08 is my Birthday.. It's had been a tiring , tedious day for me..
Yet i am happy, jubilant, n appreciate for the celebration by my friends was the schedule for that day..
first, as i stay overnight at my friends house (Ah Qiang, Shirley, Li hua and Bi lun) to discuss smthg 12am sharp they sang "HaPpy BirthDAy To Ux4" to me..a bit shock to learn that they still remember my birthday..then ah qiang belanja me makan at Mak maK Stall near Lagoon Perdana..thank u..^^

at 9am..i went for breakfast with a batch of friends in subang jaya...Dim Sum!!!

then at 11.45am..i went to met my friend from SAM programme last year (Lisa).. We went to the noodles shop (渔乡丸)which she had been missed for so long..n I brought along with Qisti.. bad news..the noodles can only refill once as the price of flour n petroleum increase remarkably..
(after that i went to college to check exam result, to my surprise..i pass the result with flying color ..hahaha..glory n honor to my God.. too bad for some of my friends..their excitement of holidays seem to be dampened becoz of the "Good" result..Gambateh lo..keep it up..

1.30pm...i went to sunway piramid with my old friends ...they held a birthday celebration for me in red box ..haha.. very nice of them...that i dun pay for the entrance fee n the beverage.. Rina, i love ur voice so much.. luv u..wkaka usual..i being asked to sing "Jay Chou" Song ..^_^

then 4pm..i rush bak to ss15 to meet David..coz we're going to meet some bintulu friends (my hometown friend who study in kl).. hmm..he was late..but luckily we managed to catch up the bus to taylors college petaling jaya... too bad..most of them went bak to hometown.. so only me, david, yik wun, Ann(ah biak) , jacky..soon we went to sunway piramid..again.. =,=.. we hv our dinner in charles junior..woo..i spent rm28 for a set of burger meal..haha..4gt wat it call..

until 7.30pm..i quickly went to bbq plaza in sunway meet my church friends.. left bintulu friends at charles junior(they playing pocker card thr..sry..bored).. unfortunately.. the place is full n i 4gt to book the we change to vietnamese restaurant..again..i ate.. (now u can imagine how much i eat that day)... yet..becoz i do have a penchant for sour n spicy food.. so it's quite a nice for me..

then 10pm..we decided to hv a drink at 海螺 pub..second round.. we listen to the song n drink beer..playing cards(haha..i won continuosly for 6 rounds).. a bit drunk now..while waiting for Edwin and connie came bak from mid valley (as they celebrated birthday for my "twin sister" Amy in other place)... we took some pic n chit chatting.. time fly.. n we decided to call it a day around12.30am.. we didnt go Dutch, i hd to pay the bill..haiz.. po kai liao..haha..

Here..i wan to thx all those who bought me the foods n presents...thx u very much..i really appreciate ur guys spending time n gift..friendship 4ever.. (my birthday party to be continued)

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