Moment of Meditation

Teenagers go through difficult periods. Some may be subjected to unpleasant hints concerning their physique while others may have to bear the trauma of being compared unfavorably to their friends and more talented siblings. Recently many people around me encounter the conflict of falling in love with someone who he or she didn’t have the guts or not dare to purpose. Well that’s included me. It seem like there is a deep love waiting for the right and suitable time to pour out. Meanwhile I am glad to witness friendship between my friends develop into another stage of relationship… Maybe it is what they call YOUTH..青春.. It’s also the interesting part of our life… everyone is learning the process of growing up by interacting with the people in the world…sometimes our efforts all come to naught… Feeling of hurt, sadness, disappointment seem to be unavoidable… yet when we look back the past we can still smile, thinking of the sweet, wonderful memories which we hope that they can last forever more. At that time… at that moment… I know deeply in my heart… another door which leads me to pursuit a bigger happiness which I never experience before is waiting for me… maybe there are ever more of them… I just need to wait patiently and cherish what the Lord has blessed me…

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