Our corner of the world

Lately i had been wondered


when the cases of earthquake, tsunami, and wars are rampant in other corner...
i am here taking my current circumstances as granted~
has a false perception that the victims and me are in two different world

when people are starving to dead because of hunger in other corner
i am here wishing for a life of luxury and reputable status
unconscious of the overflow blessing i have..
in the world

when people struggle to survive with their handicapped & poverty condition
in other corner
i am here thinking how boring and meaningless life is
continuously involve in hollow activities
thinking what can be done to entertain myself more
in this world

indeed, it seem to be that those are not relevant to me..
However, in very own reality
We tempted to claim that life is unfair and cruel
love relationship, academic result, career, death,
it's so unbearable sometimes..blaming God, our fate

Maybe is time
for us to pull out of our pessimism
The question is not about whether difficult times will come but
what our response will be when they do
i always believe
God has his plan and makes our way
The challenge is to seek the goodness in the midst of whatever trials we encounter
(trust me.. i personally experience it)
beneath the temporary trials, there is always sweet honey waiting for us
you ll figure out God's brilliant plan on you
Have faith on Lord, Have plan on Life
Don't ask for miracle, Be the miracle yourself

~Stop your rushing path for a while~
take a real look on your current state

live a life with thanksgiving
Our corner of the world can be a reminder for us as a blessed children

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