Do you hear the voice of earth?

I had attended a seminar call "Sustaining life on a Tough Earth" by Bill McKibben, a well known speaker, founder of and environmental author. Basically he addressed on the issues of climate change and its impact on agriculture. He urged for immediate public's participation in charging and improve our world by just starting from small action like...blalalala...(i kinda 4gt what he said). But the talk was just inspiring and received huge response nationwide.  Our University Great Hall was crowded of hundreds people!

Here are some intriguing and terrible fact he pointed out:
 "The summer 2010 was the most brutal that the northern hemisphere has ever seen, one that gives a good foretaste of what climate change looks like in its early stages."
He also discussed the massive flooding and temperatures that were recorded internationally.  From the 12 feet of rain in Pakistan, compared to its average 3 feet, to the eight days in August where Moscow experienced record temperatures of 100 degrees, which had never been recorded in the city's history and caused them to stop export the grains due to short of supply and severe drought. Moreover, if the severe flood is happening occasionally in particular areas every few months, it dramatically give the food supply and economics a big strike! THERE WILL LESS AND LESS FOOD SUPPLY each year!!!

i quote this phrase from
"A major factor of the increased rainfall is that the atmosphere holds more water vapor than ever before. Currently, there has been four-and-a-half to five percent more moisture in the past four years, which leads to increased precipitation. This has caused the flows of rivers and streams around the world to increase by 10 percent."

It seem that the world is really sick! But where is the response of government legislation to this issue? (lack of political action - fossil fuel industry)  if you noticed in , it can be seem that some people across the world are ready to contribute and voice their concern to climate changes. We should really start to give serious thought of it~ before we lost the beauty the earth used to have~ 

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