Mind out of Holidays

A reminder as the christian
I still remember reading an article that written by Tim Gustafson in ODJ pointed out the only lack and the only precious gift in the world is "PEACE". A brilliant American actor and producer, Harrison Ford (if u don't know, he is the title character of Indiana Jones) 's career embodies success. His movie have earned him more than $6 billion US dollar. Ford made a albeit ungrammatical comment "You only want what you ain't got." in the interview. What he was trying to mention is that what he lacks of and wishes to pursuit is nothing else but "peace". Isn't it pathetic and contradict that a millionaire or billionaire can't find peace in their heart even with their status of high wealth. However, the bible clearly stated that real peace is indeed something that can not and will never obtain from anyone or anywhere, except from the only one, the only true God, Jesus Christ. Don't mind me, I am not being a religion fanatic. Yet it is indeed very factual. Believe me or not...Who can deny it? Let those who don't believe in God, Let those who always in anxious state, let those who try to challenge bible truth...ask themselves a simple question and see whether they can answer it confidently, "Deeply inside your heart, can you feel the peace?" As i can say it loudly and proudly that i CAN!!!

"I am leaving you with a gift," Jesus concluded, "peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid" (JOHN 14:27).

I am personally fond of this scripture. Maybe it's a bit abstract and difficult for some people to understand and come to the state of what i feel. but i hope that by writing down here, some readers may have the opportunity to know the wonder of my Savior, my Lord, my Jesus. Do remember the scripture!!! read it, remind urselves and repeat it again..again..again...
( There comes a time when our questions merely become a way of hiding from the risk and danger of disobedience. There comes a time when we need to silence the excuses or the fears and simply obey- the time is now...quoted from Winn Collier)
Sharing what i Like or D Like....

i Like-
1) Playing guitar... it always a good old companion ...the way i use to express my emotion and feeling..i could tell my very own story in a song to someone special.. it works quite well..haha.. i believe there is some magic stark happen when the soul of human thoroughly unite with the musical instrument.. Actually i always wish to become a musician or singer..haha..but apparently i'm not gifted to have such talent and opportunities to learn and perform on the stage..BUT I STILL LIKE IT!!!

2) Frisky and Awesome Party... After i stopped to carry out my night life activities (clubbing) for quite while, i realized how dumb were i wasting my precious time in a dark messy social club environment.. i could have attended other outdoor activities and party organized by my college friend... at least i wont have to spend so more money to get FREE food + FREE refreshment + FREE entertainment...=D

3) Fellowship/ Church... it is a place which i call "Second home" or "Restroom" .. Every time when i felt overloaded with burden and exhausted, i will walk to the church... i abase myself before lord in prayer...then restore or recharge myself either spiritually or mentally~ Sing the melodious church song, feel to be closer to God (eventhough i can also meditate n pray at home or anywhere)... the interaction n fun communication... the self development... the leadership... n of course the truth of life .... are what i gained from here..

4) The love...nearly two years didn't let myself to have a REAL one (not play play de)...within the periods, the "trials" came to naught.. however.. i do appreciated that within my social circle there are a lot of "choices" arranged by Lord... yet recently what i really fond of is the one with long brownish hair cascaded down over her shoulders...XD (No way, i am flying off to US soon.)
whenever she show a careworn expression, i ll be hoping to be thr, at least with a word of confront...SEEing her eyes brimmed with tears from long distance..my hands will consciously, nervously gently caressed her face... everyday i hope that i can carol happily to my precious one which hidden inside my secret garden "Lalala..i love you"... (==''') i want vomit liao..reading wat i type)..yet i really hope that one day, one moment, one chance that me and the destined one can get better acquainted ..

I Dislike-
1) frigid and frumpy GUY... it gt nthg to do with my religious teaching.. i just feel they are too "action", too ignorant and too irritating!! often being divert by their physical appearance...

2) Stupid lip synch video... as u can find mostly in youtube or facebook..those idiot try to be famous from their nonsense video...then they act stupidly, dress stupidly and talk stupidly... gt nthg better to do meh~ haiz..helpless and useless fella..

3) Rude and Emo Swing Harridan... nthg much to mention...as u know nowadays most of the girls are getting more "barbaric ...probably because more n more civil rule, law and regulations are made to protect women...n more young female teenagers are being SPOILED!! Totally don't have the right attitude of life!! Terrible~(i left other criticism for your own self)
Therefore, i am listed down some characteristics or qualification of my future partner

i) Must be a real christian (Not those who claim to be, but in fact they know nthg)
ii) Good manner (No F words came out from her mouth, Owes have the right attitude and thought about the way of living a meaningful life..know her life purpose well)
iii) know at least one skill or talent (singing, playing musical instrument, dance...)
iv) OF course ...love me!!XD

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