Little miracle in the world

Recently i come along with a young but supremely talented 13 years old guitarist in a cute boy name Sungha Jung from South Korea..actually i heard since last year... it seem that his reputation as professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist has drastically increasing in JUST THREE YEARS!!! Moreover, he is currently sponsored by Lakewood and play with few prominent guitarist like Mr Big, Ulli Bögershausen, tracy...At the beginning he not used to have tabs for the music that he played in his videos. He was self learned, just listen and picked them up directly from the sound source in videos available on the internet. He's totally rock and gifted!!! Can check his official website: Sungha Jung

there are few guitarist i wish to recommend for u to listen to.. like Masaaki Kishibe, Rynten Okazaki, Antoine Dufour n so forth! Their music may just touch your inner heart..

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