I still alive...

woo~ didn't realize two months had passed since my last post...MISS YOU GUYS!!!!
Recently, i study in Iowa State University, Ames (United State)...in case of you wan to keep abreast of my condition.. doing pretty well but not perfectly fine...burden by errand of tasks on the table...plus the freaking cold weather over here...next..getting tired walk to my major department everyday ..which is around 20 minutes walking distance from my small house...Goshhh~ in other word, i had woke up early in the morning each day to attend 8 o'clock class..To make it worse, there are always snow storm and icy floor to bear with... yet dun woorry.. i can still smile through the day... WHY??? secret... anyway i hope all you guys are having great semester and life experience in you own education institution... i should concentrate on my assignment now~ will update my status with some interesting stories together... PeACE out~ =D and

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+...可欣...+ said...

"i can still smile through the day... WHY??? secret... "