Sunshine on my face~

It starts to get warm in Ames now~ The snow is melting, the ground is wet, the birds are flying back home, the squirrel is climbing around the trees and I am excited and fulled of expectation with my first Spring season in United State!! New moment of joy to catch on my life~XD

Recently i will spend myself a couple of quiet minute standing outside my root balcony, watching the clean starry night while meditating God's words. By just staring at the endless tiny twinkle bright stars in the beautiful gradation of dark blue sky, it aroused a huge portion of my emotions. How far am i with my family and friends in other places now~ "Woo~never in my dream that i will make it to American, neither do my parents" 
 "Taking a deep fresh, cold air"

At that moment, i felt so alive~ how lucky am i to be able standing right here in the wooden, firm stairs
and enjoying the beauty of the i wish there is someone beside me.. accompany and witness together this wonderful scene that created by the Mighty One~ Praise to You 
Miss Someone, Friends

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丹棣 said...

nice photos... ya, everytime i see wonderful scene i wish what if there is someone who has the same taste besides me

Edison Lu said...

hehe..thank ..
i took that photo outside my house.. surprisingly it turn out not bad~ =)
yup.. look like we gt a commonality