a small prayer

春假开始了~因为internship training,assignment 及其他私人因素,假期这段期间也没有多余游玩。。可悲可悲~ 近来虽然学业都还不错,但生活却显得毫无规律,乱七八糟。。
而且许多事情都很不顺利~ 叹息着。。。 真的超MALANG的!!!! 个人生活变得太乏味,没有些乐趣。。再一次。。可悲可悲可悲呀~
list of things did not go well recently:
1. My accomodation
2. My guitar
3. My brain (not working hard enough..being lazy)
4. My relationship
5. My shoe
6. My car purchase
7. My plan trip, My yamcha, My dating
8. My  stupidenglish narrative writing assignment

(PS:in fact, it is not that bad ...just not as fun as i used to have.. and my spiritual life is dying...seriously lost and struggle to find back my passion and faith---> participate in real church ministries...i want to be filled with joy and love of God forever more.)
On this age of 20, I just cannot stop thinking about my potential achievement, my goals, my social networking, my girlfriend, my future life partner, my religious life and.... what if i really step onto the wrong pathway... is there any chance God will lose faith on someone whose love passion to Thy had abated...every day and night.. i try to gain insight picture of my future...IT IS LIKE EMPTY BOTTLE.. I SEE NOTHING~ ... I start to feel anxious,insecure, and worry... Where is my huge confidence and perspective that i used to hold tightly onto??

God, i pray that you guide and bless me and those who seek for you and in desperate need..for it is you who make us; and we are yours, we are Thy chosen people, the sheep of your pasture. May your kingdom come~ i pray all this in Jesus Name, Amen.

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丹棣 said...

me too...everything goes wrong... i lost

Edison Lu said...

HOPE YOU can find back your happiness soon~ XD..together we jia you ba..feel free to talk to me if u nid a companion..