Driving a distance of average 130 miles everyday and meeting almost 20 people a day... wasn't as fun as i thought. Loneliness is killing me sometimes. In this large county with only one chinese working around here, make me feel like in the alien world. Never in my life, i thought i can deal business with americans or african americans (black ppl). Never in my life, i thought i can be so powerful and determined to impress other people. Of coz, never in my life, i thought i will slam the door on my face by some nasty folk. hahhaha!!! WHAT's a unique and interesting life experience.
I really miss Ames/ Malaysia and all my friends/family from all different places now. Wish to give all of you a big hug and kiss when able to meet u guys again. Man, still got two more months to bear. I really looking forward for the wonderful ending of 2010 summer break and OF COURSE THE COMPANY TRIP TO the famous beach in US on 14 August!!! (4gt the name). Until then, i guess i have work hard to strive for $24000 these 3 months!! FIGHTING!!!! Although i didnt express to u, but yes, i miss you very much!!! Love you!

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+...可欣...+ said...

Ganbatte :D
Miss you too here...