Hello, everyone~ i wonder what day had you guys been through today..
Well, most people should be longing for the arrival of Saturday after saddling out with hectic task every single week...
The best way to get rid of those constant stress temporarily would be some instant entertainment and leisure time with buddies and families~~
As for me, after a weak insipid hot coffee in the morning, i took a rickety bus mini to Taipan to meet my friends and settle all the billing payment...then headed back to attend a educational course..
Although the course may spent half day of my precious Saturday and plus my nostrils need to bear with the stench from the crowded in the lousy bus, my excitement was not dampened... (i admit their body smell really make me retching beneath boiling and scorching sun...Please la..use dextol next time)
Brace up!!! (i won't further elaborate my day..as u guys ll get dry soon)
Yet.. the speaker lead me to whirl many thoughts in my head and plied us with questions about reality..


i totally concur with the speaker~~ i hope it can make u review on ur definition of life...
try to meditate..


成俊 “真的假的” or “真是的!”
Tzyy Ren “你喜欢啊!”
Li Wei “swt!!!!”
Shi xian “不知道”“随便”
Yeong her “白痴啊你!” “hohohoho~~”

(Ps: 等待~~)

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