wilson, yeong her, shi xian, li wei, tzyy ren, me

Woo..Proudly introduce 小花
The girl posting a "peace"... second one counting from behind~~
Although she often acting silly, emo-ing most of the time, teasing ppl(edison u r stupid!), she is definetely not a hypocritical friend with ulterior mind..neither a boring person... Her cool face may make u think she is unfriendly..nope...
she actually possesses a sense of humour which i look for in friend..
She is one of my friends who can see the funny side of things, who is not dull and can make me smile in even the difficult situations...
u see life would be unbearable without a friend i can share jokes with...i just love the way she "hohohoho"
Don't feel emo lo..
above all the friends in my pic..are my sincere and faithful in college..

(Third version)
~ Love Will Thoroughly Remain ~

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