TiME to change

Test 1 done since last week...
Back to slow pace life again with lesser tension tangling around...relax
Nevertheless there is ll be no end for the existence of stress till your last breath..
so why need to feel depressed and complaining about the tough days we been through..
after all, choosing the right attitude to live for is the only way that will make us a better life...
positive mind, objectively view, rational, brilliant social interacting skill...is wat i'm nagging bout
appreciate everything and never ever take smthg for granted (i owes bear in mind)

hmm... philosophy really is the interesting subject to learn..
it challenges our most basic fundamental belief of our culture and life which we had been follow for years without asking why is it so... for instances..
Do u really think there is a self,so called "soul" inside you? or it just a biological, chemical reaction
Is the soul material or immaterial, mortal or immortal?
Are the laws and regulations that we obey is truly a right guide for the society, or it's just a method to sustain the benefits of the higher classes citizens... if not...why we still following it and put under control of the "human-making" laws..after all...human often act out of self-interest..

why i'm crapping all these school stuffs...mainly because i start to relieve, think of my past life, future... is everyone born with a purpose in earth... what really is the dream we had... is it the consciousness we had in another dimension...
well...there is not a standard answer for this world... right or wrong ..true or false..
oopss...is getting dry here..i think..XD..hahaha...

okok...i just wan to say that..every single thing we did every moment is eventually affected our LIFE... and LIFE is main goal or reason why we struggle hard in this world...
so learn to live a wonderful life with no regret la...
why wasting time doing smthg meaningless and stupid event...think of yourselves n others..Brooze and nasty smell are coming out from the bone of all the bastards, punks, smugs, useless fool... It's time to change your life!! before it's too late...(ps: for some of my friendsXD)
(For those buddy)Of course, i not a mental counsellor or social advisor... but it's for your own good...for your own..dude... the sun is shining and the world is beautiful out there ..friends...^0^
YAhoo!! Life is Great!!!

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Kexin said...

uh-huh uh-huh
life rocks~

Edison Lu said...

haha..steal ur photo..XD...
suitable to my title